• "Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with Dr.Richard Encarnacion- A Wall Street Executive Deal Maker, Ex-Emmys, and World-Class Consultant.🌞."

    With over two decades of experience, managing billions of dollars in finance, and providing shareholder liquidity, Dr. Richard is the expert you need to succeed in today's competitive business world.


    His unique background as a Wallstreet Banker, Entertainment Executive, U.S. Marine Veteran, and Forestry firefighter, combined with his passion for Coaching & consulting, allows him to provide results-driven guidance to entrepreneurs and veterans alike. There's never been a better time to work with Dr. Richard and see your business thrive.


    Are you a business owner of a large business seeking capital for public shares or large-scale projects? Let us assist you in providing strategic guidance, capital access, and taking your company from series A to IPO. With his Ph.D. in Finance/Leadership, MBA in Finance, and Bachelor's degree in Media, Dr. Richard has the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed.


    Don't miss out on the chance to work with a seasoned professional who has already achieved success as the youngest professor at San Diego University, a nominated Congressional Veteran Representative, 3x Best Selling Author, a top salesperson, and refinery mandate and global executive of a private stock loans bank.


    Connect to apply to work with Dr. Richard today and start seeing the results you deserve!"




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  • Learn how your Passion can help you win.

    Dr Richard, helps you learn to leverage. Create strategies to create businesses that reach your goals.


    OWN a Business? We can help. Funding, Shovel Ready Projects From Series A to IPO.

    Business success guidance and consulting with passion and wealth, mindset, and success coaching resulting in impact results. Dr. Richard's speeches not just Cut the "noise", but are battlefield tested.


  • Dr. Richard Encarnacion- Story

    Meet Dr. Richard Encarnacion, a man of action and determination. Growing up in the tri-state area, Dr. Richard was destined for greatness. In the mid-'00s, he quickly graduated college and joined the U.S. Marines, where he learned the value of discipline and focus. Despite trying out for the MLB as a recruit, he honed his skills in the military and went on to become the #1 salesperson for companies like CITI BANK.


    With a track record of selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products, Dr. Richard has expertise in a variety of industry verticals, including finance, consulting sales, and technology. But he wasn't content to just sit behind a desk. As a Marine veteran, he took a sabbatical from finance and joined the Department of Agriculture in California, where he quickly rose through the ranks.


    With a Bachelor's Degree in Media, an MBA in Finance from ASM in San Diego, and a Ph.D. in Finance/Leadership from CSML, Dr. Richard is a true leader in his field. Don't miss your chance to learn from one of the best in the world of business & finance today.



    --->World Economic Forum- Driving the Economy

    --->World Bank Approved Banker/Consultant

    --->IMEF Approved Banker/Consultant

    --->United Nations Approved Banker/Consultant

    --->PPP EXPERT

    --->USA Tier 1 Platform & Consultant/Banker for PPP & Economic Development

    ---> Humanitarian & Benevolence Project Structuring

    --->Government-Approved Banking Consulting for International Business Financing

    --->Professor In San Diego at San Diego University Old Town Campus

    --->International Refinery Mandate (USA Refinery, Kazakhstan )

    --->Nominated Congressional Veteran Representative (Seat Not occupied)

    --->3X Best Selling Author (You Were Born To Sell, Your 1,000 True Linkedin Fans, Resume Hero) 

    --->#1 Top Global Banker: 2023 GoldenTree Dubai.

    --->Top #1 Sales Person: Bear Stearns Co, Citibank, JP Morgan

    --->SBLC Provider $10 Mil to $10 Billion: AAA Rated Bank : (LEASE OR PURCHASE)

    --->USA and International Surety Bond LOAN $100MM to $1 B +

    --->Sales Partner Executive of STOCK LOANS BANK- New BEAR STEARNS Co.

    --->Paymaster /Escrow Receiver MT103/TT/ABA - Accepting

    --->Bank Receiver MT103/KTT/GPI AUTO/L2L

    --->Ex-Emmys Day Time Media Executive

    --->U.S. Marine Veteran

    --->U.S. Forestry Fire Veteran

    --->CCC- Emergency Response Leader

    --->Over 6,700 Students on Udemy

    --->Managed 1 Trillion dollars in Finance (Government, Private industry, global trade).

    --->Personally sold over 500 Billion dollars in sales deals

    --->Made $100k by age 18 in cold-call sales, before joining the military

    --->Made $1 mil by age 25 in business and sales

    --->Wealth, Success, and Coach

    --->Business Advisory & Consultant

    --->Apply for Business SEED Funding

    --->and most importantly Father.


    Have Spoken At :

    1. USDC Venture Vet Labs
    2. San Diego University Old Town
    3. One Million Cups
    4. Wounded Warrior Program/VA
    5. Alliant International University
    6. The United States Marine Corps
    7. San Diego VC Network
    8. California Conservation Corps
    9. Local TV
    10. EvoNExus - San Diego
    11. Los Angeles Music Show
    12. UCSD TV
    13. Local Radio -Adam Torres -Guest Speaker
    14. CES Los Vegas
    15. NGHTv


    Unlock the Potential of Your Business with Expert Coaching & Consulting

    Are you tired of being stuck in six figure range for your business? Want to take it to the next level and reach seven or eight figures? Look no further. Our guidance and coaching, consulting services are designed with business owners like you in mind, for business owners, executives, veterans, and professionals who are ready for success.


    Our proven method has been effective for large corporations, medium corporations, and small business owners, and we're confident it can work for you too. However, please note that not everyone will take action and produce results. It's crucial to understand that success depends on applying the information you receive.


    Invest in Quality Results

    The cost of our services is based on the quality of results you'll receive. Just like how you invest in an Apple computer instead of a generic phone, investing in high-quality coaching and consulting is worth it. Our founder, Dr. Richard, has real-world experience and all the information provided is based on practical advice and use cases.


    Avoid Failure with Action

    Failure is temporary, and success is achievable with determination. While some people may pick up the information and see success within a few months, others may take longer. The key is not to give up. Our information is not based on theory but on practical use cases, so you can trust that you're receiving the best advice possible.


    Customized Information for Your Needs

    Not every piece of information will work for everyone, and that's okay. Some people care about making money, some care about their next passion project, and others care about building a successful business. Regardless of your goals, we'll provide you with customized information that's tailored to your needs.

    Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today and see the results for yourself.



    • Corporations
    • Wealth Managers
    • Royal Families
    • Billionaires
    • Royalty
    • Luminaries
    • Millionaires
    • Governments
    • Startups
    • Fortune 500
    • Institutions
    • Military Veterans
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Executives
    • Shareholders
    • CEOS
    • Shovel Ready Projects
    • Stockholders


    Attention High Net worth Clients! Are you tired of dealing with the frustration and hassle of finding the right financing solution for your business? Look no further, as I am here to offer you the best, most efficient and effective solutions to your financing needs.


    With my extensive background in finance, sales, and consulting, I have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals and grow your business. I offer a wide range of services, including commercial loans, consulting services, and access to top financial institutions.


    My services are 10x better and VIP compared to others in the market. With my access to the top financial institutions and my extensive network of contacts, I am able to provide you with the best rates and terms available. My commitment to excellence and my personalized approach to each client ensures that you receive the highest level of service and the best financial solutions for your business.


    I understand that your time is valuable, and that's why I take care of everything for you. From start to finish, I will work closely with you to identify your needs, find the best solutions, and help you secure the financing you need to grow your business.


    If you're ready to take your business to the next level, contact me today and let's work together to make it happen! I am confident that I can provide you with the financing solutions, consulting services, and expert advice that you need to succeed. Let's get started!

  • Books

    Here some of my Published Books, from amazon Best Seller to Genre Leaders.

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    Beyond My Hood

    The Ultimate Urban-Mindset and success book, ever written. Now on Amazon, B&N, Walmart,

    broken image

    Newbies Consulting

    The #1 business consulting book, for strategic corporate consultants.

    broken image

    Resume Hero

    When you need a super hero, to guide you towards creating the best resume to land you a job.

    broken image

    Your 1,000 True Linkedin Fans. A book about how to find your loyal fans, who love whatever you do. Learn how to communicate to them, and become the leader of your fanbase.

    broken image

    In this book, you will unlock the best methods for providing value to customers, business and start winning. Sales is about value and problem solving, and this book is a key.

    broken image


    Using bad debt to become rich, and good strategies to turn bad debt into good debt, and learn how to finally become rich, understand money, and achieve financial success.


    We help your business win, if you can listen to our advice.

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    Business Coaching/Consulting

    Passion with purpose

    Maximize Your Business Potential with Results-Driven Solutions

    Are you tired of ineffective solutions that don't deliver results for your business? It's time to invest in a real solution that will bring value to your organization. With Dr. Richard Encarnacion, you can expect an average increase of $10 Million to $1 Billion in added value, whether it's through reduced expenses, new low-cost revenue streams, partnerships, funding sources, or human capital.


    Don't waste your time and money on solutions that don't work. Choose Dr. Richard and see the results for yourself.

    Profit-Driven Approach Revenue streams and business leadership are important, but they're not the only factors that determine success.


    Dr. Richard takes a profit-driven approach and looks at key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that his clients are on track for success. Whether you're an executive, business owner, investor, or entrepreneur, Dr. Richard's expertise will help you reach your full potential.


    Don't be left behind in the competitive business world. Contact us today and start solving problems and producing results.


    The Cares act allows business owners to obtain over $26K in free grant money for qualified business owners, per employee.


    Often resulting in more productive employees, and staff, improved flow, easier systemization implementation, and improved marketing or communication. Which increases results on average by 30%-500%, in business that he has helped.


    Fortune 500 firms have seen a drastic improvement in employee morale as assessed by surveys and training, which have improved the company's overall employee performance, and leadership.


    Consultants who want to make Six Figures and up to seven figures, providing grant money from the USA federal government to Business owners, can learn more by clicking here!


    As a professor, Dr. Richard Students, have gone on to create six-figure firms, seven-figure firms, landed jobs in Winter Olympics, Prestigious Advertising and Marketing Agency, Launched Breweries, written best-selling books, transitioned from the military, to raised capital, reduce business expenses and more.

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    Unlock Your True Potential with the Right Coaching

    Light the fire in you, who is super you?

    Are you tired of feeling stuck and unable to reach your business goals? It could be that you're missing key information, connections, or skills. But don't worry, you're not alone. Many business owners face similar challenges, but with the right coaching and guidance, you can overcome them.


    Dr. Richard Encarnacion will help you create a winning strategy that improves partnerships, attracts top talent, and delivers results. Whether you need to build confidence in yourself, make the right connections, or develop a winning plan, Dr. Richard is here to help.


    Don't let the missing pieces hold you back from reaching your full potential. Contact us today and start achieving the success you deserve.

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    Keynote Speaker

    Inspire with Passion to take action.

    Talks of Passion inspire, provoke and provide insight.


    Dr. Richard has given speeches, at Colleges, Universities, Veteran programs, WWP/VA, Events, and more.


    Dr. Richard, Travels to give keynote speeches in, USA & Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico-Cancun, India and South America contact to book, and ask for quote and approved countries list.

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    Startup Funding Seed to Established Business

    All purpose funding- Make your dream real.

    Startup and Establish Business Funding.


    Create the next American company (SEED STAGE).

    -Create the next American startup, game

    -Create a film, Make memorable music, etc.


    Min Qualifications for funding.

    • Salary Requirement: $40k Job Yr
    • Employment: 2 years W2 (min)
    • Minimum: 650 Credit score (min)
    • No new credit file or bankruptcy last 2 years
    • USA Only

    Can borrow 5x income or up to $400k.


    APPLY HERE--> Click Here



    • Minimum Credit 680+
    • $180k Yr (Sales) +
    • 12 months in business
    • Established businesses can borrow Up to $10 Million Dollars. Min Requirements apply.
    • USA Only

    APPLY HERE--> ClickHere 




    Apply for funding--> Click Here

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    Join us for amazing benefits & results.

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    Small Business

    Achieve the business success you seek.

    "Super You"

    PRIVATE Advisory:

    Book Session

    Business Plan & Market Analysis

    Capital Market Access & Research

    Create a Seven figure Biz

    Veteran Business Coach

    BluePrint (R)

    Financial Pro Forma

    Business Strategy

    Wealth Goal Setting

    Commercial Funding

    Business Development

    Series A or IPO

    Maximize Portfolio Revenue Risk Management

    Zoom Meeting

    Business IKIGAI Focus

    And more


    Click to Pay-->

    $24,9997 /Entry to Exclusive Club--> acceptance.


    PAY: --> Venmo@Richard-DEncarnacion


    One consult -Phone, Zoom


    Speaking Engagements

    $100k Keynote speach++


    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.


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    Medium Business

    Create a 7-figure and above Business. The Success System-TM. Biz of $10-$50 Mil a year.

    USP Strategy Development

    Value Offer Creation

    The Market Niche

    Increase ROI

    Sales Strategy KPI

    Blue Ocean Operations

    Investor, VC

    Access to Banks, Hedge Funds, etc.

    PPM Startup Funding



    Click to Pay--->

    $99,997/Market Penetration and Strategy.


    PAY: --> Venmo@Richard-DEncarnacion


    In-person meetings are charged per hour at $30,000.


    Full-day cost to lock and Hotel, and expenses.

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    VIP Enterprise Plan

    Biz of $50-$500 Mil a year or bigger. For teams of 100+ 

    1 on 1: Leadership Coaching

    Build a company People love

    Blue Ocean Strategy

    Blitz Scaling (Grow Quick)

    Portfolio Management


    Asset Based Funding

    USA & International Funding, Stockloans
    SBLC, MT103/202, IPIP, GPI, PPP Trade, MTN, LTN Venezuela Bond Monetization



    Consulting for Fortune 500 & Keynote.


    In-person consulting or company training, call for a custom quote.


    Click to Pay-->

    $250,000 Admin Fee + % JVA


    PAY: --> Venmo



    A custom price will be issued.


    Based on the size of the organization.

  • What We Do

    Creating Impactful Moments for People, and Businesses!


    Whether working with Series A Startups, HNW, UHNW, or fortune 500 Firms, Dr. Richard Encarnacion is your guy!


    - Invite Dr. Richard Encarnacion to speak at your event?



    -Conference Event?






    To deliver a PASSIONATE KEYNOTE or Strategic Consulting.


    3 Keys, I focus on: (FINANCE, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship).

    Inspire With Passion, Create Impact, and Provide lasting results.


    Donate --> Venmo@Richard-DEncarnacion

    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.

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    Consulting: with Impact

    Expand your 6-7 Figure business, existing business to its highest potential. Or obtain commercial funding up to 100% funding globally.

    broken image

    Speaking With Passion: KeyNote

    Passionate speeches that light up a crowd, cut the "Noise" in Universities, corporations, institutions, organizations, corporations, and more.

    broken image

    Coaching for change

    Coaching to produce results, not just coaching to speak or to waste people's time, battle field-proven.

  • How It Works

    Keys to  unlocking "Super You"



    You pick a program, or service you need. Send us an email.



    We contact you via, phone, zoom, or email.


    Zoom Meeting $500 per 20 Min.



    You agree to our services, and we send an invoice, And we started in 24-48 hours.

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    New York City, NYC
    Mon-Fri; 9am Est- 5pm
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    Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your business? Don't wait any longer. Our proven method and results-driven solutions will help you reach new heights and achieve the success you deserve. With an average increase of $1 Million to $1 Billion in added value, you can trust that our services will bring tangible results to your organization.


    Don't waste any more time and money on ineffective solutions. Take the next step and contact us today. Our team is ready to help you reach your goals and achieve business success.


    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.

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    Get in Touch with Dr.RE!

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    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.