• "Unlock Your Business's Unlimited Potential with Dr. Richard Encarnacion – Wall Street Executive, Emmy-Media Producer, and Top-tier Consultant in Stock Loans, Film Financing, and More"🌞."

    "Empower Your Business for Unprecedented Success with Dr. Richard Encarnacion – a Seasoned Professional with Two Decades of Expertise in Financial Management and Strategic Growth.


    Harness Dr. Richard's extensive experience in driving shareholder value across diverse industries. With a Ph.D. in Finance/Leadership, an MBA in Finance, and a Bachelor's in Media, he offers unparalleled insights and strategies tailored to elevate your business.


    From innovative growth strategies to securing essential funding, Dr. Richard is committed to delivering maximum value. Collaborate with a distinguished professor, Congressional Veteran Representative Nominee, and best-selling author to achieve your business goals swiftly and effectively.


    Apply today to leverage Dr. Richard's proven expertise and unlock the exceptional results your business deserves!"

  • Learn how your Passion can help you win.

    "Unlock Your Winning Potential with Dr. Richard's Passion-Powered Strategies!Empower Your Business to Achieve Goals from Inception to Market Triumph.


    Are you an aspiring business owner? We've got your back! Access funding and turnkey projects from Series A to IPO.


    Experience personalized business guidance infused with passion, wealth mindset, and success coaching.


    Dr. Richard's battle-tested speeches don't just cut through the noise; they deliver tangible, impactful results.


    Join us in transforming your passion into a roadmap for success."




    Inflation Eating Your 401(k)? Order this free gold IRA info, so you can work with the best. Protect your IRA/401(k) as Joe Montana did. 



  • CEO's/Executives and Business Owners.

    🌟 Elevate Your Business with Transformative Coaching for Owners, Executives, and Entrepreneurs 🌟


    Are you prepared to achieve exponential growth? As an experienced coach, I specialize in guiding business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs through every stage of growth—from startup to $1 million, from $1 million to $10 million, and beyond, into the ranks of Fortune 500 companies.


    Coaching Focus: Elevating Your Business Success


    What You'll Gain:


    Strategic Growth: Navigate from startup to your first million and beyond with tailored coaching focused on achieving your unique goals.

    Scaling Excellence: Overcome challenges in scaling from $1 million to $10 million, ensuring sustainable success and operational excellence.

    Fortune 500 Mastery: Master the strategies to position your business among the prestigious Fortune 500 companies.

    Why Choose My Coaching?


    Proven Success: Benefit from a coach with a track record of guiding businesses to unprecedented achievements.

    Tailored Strategies: Receive personalized coaching strategies designed for your specific business stage and aspirations.

    Dynamic Leadership: Tap into my extensive experience in coaching leaders to navigate diverse business landscapes.

    Exclusive Offer - Your Path to Success Awaits!


    Enroll in my coaching program now to unlock a world of possibilities:


    Customized Coaching Plans: Strategies customized to guide your business through each growth phase.

    Financial Expertise: Discover the financial strategies that will propel your business to new heights.

    Executive Leadership Mastery: Learn the essential leadership skills for achieving Fortune 500 success.

    Continuous Support: Receive ongoing guidance and support throughout your journey.

    Ready to Transform Your Business? Act Now!


    Seize this opportunity to transcend limits and embark on a path to extraordinary success.


    Elevate Your Business - Excellence in Coaching Awaits! 🚀





    --->HARVARD UNIVERSITY CERT in Humanitarian Response To Crisis and Emergency Management

    --->G20 Approved (WBAF) via (GPFI).

    --->Microsoft Approved.

    --->World Economic Forum pre-screen.


    --->SNAP-R Licensed, (Export and Commodities).

    --->GSR-63/GSR-71 Licensed.

    --->World Bank Approved, IMF Approved.

    --->United Nations Approved & UN Certificate From University of LONDON Certificate 

    --->STOCKLOANS Lender & Expert $1 M- $1 Billion (Multiple Institutional Underwriting).

    --->Platforms submission for PPP, GPI AUTO, Currency Exchange B/T/Q.

    --->Humanitarian & Benevolence Project Structuring.

    --->International Economic Infrastructure Project Development Financing.

    --->University Professor @ (SDUIS), (San Diego University of Integrated Studies) Old town.

    --->International Refinery Mandate (USA, Kazakhstan, Middle East ).

    --->Nominated Congressional Veteran Representative (Not occupied).

    --->4X Author (BEYOND MY HOOD, You Were Born To Sell, Your 1,000 True Linkedin Fans, Resume Hero) 

    --->Sales Person: NEW Bear Stearns Co, Citibank co, JP Morgan Co.

    --->SBLC $10 M to $1 B+ (LEASE).

    --->Global Surety Bond LOAN $100M to $1 B +

    --->Chairmen of RDESTOCKLOANS.com, Honos Coin (Pending Blockchain).

    --->Blockchain Developer Training Certified (Passed).



    --->Emmys; Day Time Media Executive, Behind the Velvet Ropes & Day Time Soap, (Myspotlight.tv).

    --->Hollywood Indie Producer & SILENT MILLS STUDIOS, & COMING SOON Film STUDIO LOT.

    --->U.S. Marine Veteran (E3 Rank), Billet: E4-E5 (Admin:Finance-Retirement,Legal, MEF1, SRB Vault Supervising)|

    --->Forestry Fire, CCC- Emergency Response - SGT of ARMS CCC/CAPT CCC-USDA/USFS.

    --->Over 6,800 Students on Udemy +

    --->Personally sell & Manage GOV BONDS, BANK (QUIPS) CORP BONDS, INSTITUTIONs.

    --->Made SIX FIGURES by age 18 in cold-call sales, joining the military.

    --->Made $1 mil by age 25 in business and sales

    --->18 Graduated, A.S Degree In Visual Art.

    --->NYC GALLA - Young Art Masters Nomination.


    --->and most importantly Father.

    --->Delmar FairGrounds Art Exhibition.

    --->Myspotlight.TV- House Producer/(dotStudioPRO).

    --->Break Bread TV- EXEC Producer for MARC Escobar (PRODUCER), PLATT COLLEGE (PILOT TV PROGRAM).

    --->Interview with Frank Luna - PBS Director - "How To Sell your Art, Not Sell out" - est 2013.


    --->Princeton University CERT Crypto- Classes


    Have Spoken At :

    1. USDC Venture Vet Labs
    2. San Diego University Of Integrated Studies in Old Town
    3. One Million Cups
    4. Wounded Warrior Program/VA
    5. Alliant International University
    6. The United States Marine Corps
    7. San Diego VC Network
    8. California Conservation Corps
    9. Local TV
    10. EvoNExus - San Diego
    11. Los Angeles Music Show
    12. UCSD TV
    13. Local Radio -Adam Torres -Guest Speaker
    14. CES Los Vegas
    15. NGHTv
    16. USO
    18. SD LYCEUM ART GALLERY -2012-2013 est
    19. NYC GALLA - 2003 est
    21. BreakBread TV (PILOT) - Platt College




    Unlocking New Heights of Success: How Coaching and Consulting Transform Executives and Business Owners


    In today's dynamic business environment, achieving seven-figure success marks a significant milestone. Yet, for those aiming higher—to eight figures and beyond—a transformative approach becomes essential. Executives and business owners often find that traditional strategies fall short. This is where expert coaching and consulting play a crucial role, unlocking new perspectives and propelling businesses to unprecedented levels of success.


    Embracing a Strategic Mindset


    Success isn't just about numbers; it's about fostering a strategic mindset. Expert coaches and consultants provide fresh perspectives, helping leaders see challenges as opportunities. This shift in thinking is pivotal for navigating complexities and discovering innovative solutions that elevate businesses to eight-figure status.


    Customized Guidance for Unprecedented Growth


    Every business is unique, requiring tailored guidance. Expert coaches analyze each business's specific challenges and opportunities, offering strategic insights that pave the way for remarkable growth. This personalized approach empowers executives to make informed decisions aligned with their goals, accelerating their journey to seven and eight figures.


    Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Barriers


    To reach the next level, executives must overcome internal barriers and limiting beliefs. Coaches specialize in identifying and addressing these challenges, empowering leaders to make bold decisions and cultivate a culture of innovation and resilience within their organizations.


    Accelerated Learning and Implementation


    In a rapidly evolving landscape, the ability to learn and implement new strategies quickly is a competitive advantage. Expert coaching provides access to proven methodologies and best practices across industries. This accelerated learning equips executives to adapt swiftly to market changes, gaining a strategic edge in reaching eight figures and beyond.


    Accountability for Sustainable Results


    Insights and strategies are essential, but accountability ensures their effective implementation. Coaches and consultants act as accountability partners, keeping executives focused on their goals and maintaining consistency in strategy execution. This discipline fosters sustainable success and resilience in the face of challenges.


    Invest in Quality Results


    Our services are designed to deliver high-quality results. Like investing in an Apple computer over a generic device, investing in top-tier coaching and consulting yields significant returns. Dr. Richard brings real-world experience and practical advice to every client interaction.


    Avoid Failure with Action


    Success requires persistence and action. While results may vary, our practical advice is grounded in real-world applications, ensuring you receive actionable insights tailored to your specific needs and goals.


    Customized Information for Your Goals


    Every journey is unique. Whether your focus is financial success, passion projects, or business growth, we provide customized guidance to support your aspirations effectively.


    Ready to elevate your business to new heights? Contact us today and experience the transformative power of expert coaching and consulting firsthand.






    1. Corporations: Large companies seeking strategic guidance and operational optimization.
    2. Wealth Managers: Professionals managing the financial portfolios of high-net-worth individuals and families.
    3. Royal Families: Providing specialized advice and solutions for members of royal families.
    4. Billionaires: High-profile individuals looking for personalized strategies to manage and grow their wealth.
    5. Royalty: Offering tailored consulting services for individuals with royal status.
    6. Luminaries: Influential and renowned personalities seeking strategic insights for their ventures.
    7. Millionaires: Affluent individuals aiming to scale their businesses and increase financial success.
    8. Governments: Providing consultancy for governmental entities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
    9. Startups: Offering guidance for new ventures to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable growth.
    10. Fortune 500: Assisting large corporations in refining their strategies and achieving higher levels of success.
    11. Institutions: Educational, healthcare, or other institutions seeking strategic planning and improvement.
    12. Military Veterans: Supporting veterans in leveraging their skills for successful business ventures.
    13. Entrepreneurs: Small to mid-sized business owners seeking to elevate their enterprises.
    14. Executives: Corporate leaders looking for personal and professional development.
    15. Shareholders: Individuals with significant stakes in various companies seeking strategic advice.
    16. CEOs: Chief Executive Officers aiming to enhance leadership skills and drive company success of 7 Figure biz.
    17. Shovel Ready Projects: Providing expertise for projects that are ready for immediate implementation.
    18. Stockholders: Individuals invested in the stock market looking for strategic insights.

    Attention Business Owners Seeking growth and flourishing cash flow!


    Are the complexities of your business proving to be formidable challenges? Look no further – Dr. Richard Encarnacion is the key to unlocking unparalleled success for your venture. With dynamic expertise in sales, consulting, and strategic planning, Dr. Encarnacion is poised to dismantle barriers hindering your business's growth.


    Embark on an extraordinary journey with Dr. Encarnacion, a Wall Street maestro, a virtuoso in proven sales tactics, and a luminary across entertainment, technology, and manufacturing. His VIP experience, shaped by innovative blue ocean strategies, stands as a beacon for businesses seeking unprecedented triumph.


    Why choose Dr. Encarnacion? His commitment to delivering a bespoke VIP experience epitomizes excellence. Drawing from an extensive network and wealth of industry experience, he crafts pragmatic solutions meticulously tailored to your business's distinctive challenges.


    From consultancy to strategic planning and operational optimization, Dr. Encarnacion ensures your business not only survives but thrives.


    Recognizing the value of your time, Dr. Encarnacion assumes the reins, orchestrating every facet of the process. Through close collaboration, he identifies pain points, devises ingenious solutions, and crafts action plans that empower your business to flourish with precision.


    Ready to conquer your business hurdles? Seize the moment and connect with Dr. Richard Encarnacion now. Whether you lead a startup, a medium-sized enterprise, or a Fortune 500 titan, Dr. Encarnacion propels your business to new heights. Don't just exist; excel with bespoke solutions and expert guidance.


  • Books

    Here some of my Published Books, from amazon Best Seller to Genre Leaders.

    broken image

    Beyond My Hood

    Let BYMH-"Unleash Your Potential: The Definitive Self-Development Guide Tailored for Urban Mindsets. Available Now on Amazon, B&N, and Walmart!"

    broken image

    Newbies Consulting

    The #1 business consulting book, for strategic corporate consultants.

    broken image

    Resume Hero

    "Let 'Resume Hero' be your guiding superhero to craft the ultimate resume and land your dream job!"

    broken image

    'Your 1,000 True LinkedIn Fans,' the ultimate guide to cultivating a devoted following on social media. This book unveils the secrets to discovering and nurturing loyal fans who adore your work. Explore effective communication strategies to captivate your audience and ascend as the trailblazing leader of your fanbase. Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, this book empowers you to harness the power of social media networking and build an enthusiastic community around your passions!"

    broken image

    "Discover the ultimate strategies for delivering unparalleled value to customers and skyrocketing your success in 'Born to Sell.' This book unveils the secrets behind winning in sales—it's all about solving problems and delivering exceptional value. Master the art of salesmanship and unlock the key to thriving in business. If you were born to sell, this book is your essential guide!"

    broken image

    "Coming Soon in 2024: GoodDebt- Bad Debt!"

    Good Debt, Bad Debt: This book unveils the secrets to differentiating between good and bad debt, empowering you to harness the potential of each. Learn how to navigate the realm of finance, turn liabilities into assets, and finally achieve the wealth and success you've always envisioned. Get ready to redefine your relationship with money and pave the way toward financial freedom!"

    broken image

    "Ready to land your dream job? 'Resume Guide' is your ticket to success. Packed with expert tips and strategies, this guide helps you craft a standout resume that gets noticed. Don't miss out—grab your copy now and take the first step towards your ideal career!"

    broken image

    "Embark on the journey to your ideal career with the 'Veteran Transition Guide Book.' Filled with expert tips and strategies, this guide is your key to crafting an outstanding resume that stands out. Secure your copy now and take the initial step towards a successful transition into civilian life."

    broken image

     "Show Up and Win Big" unlocks success with Woody Allen's wisdom: "80% of success is showing up." Dive into the Pareto Principle, where 20% effort yields 80% results. This concise ebook reveals the power of focus, offering a roadmap for optimizing time and achieving more. Embrace consistency, strategic presence, and a winning mindset in your journey to success.


    We help your business win, if you can listen to our advice.

    broken image

    Business Coaching/Consulting

    Passion with purpose

    Maximize Your Business Potential with Results-Driven Solutions

    Are you tired of ineffective solutions that don't deliver results for your business? It's time to invest in a real solution that will bring value to your organization. With Dr. Richard Encarnacion, you can expect an average increase of $10 Million to $1 Billion in added value, whether it's through reduced expenses, new low-cost revenue streams, partnerships, funding sources, or human capital.


    Don't waste your time and money on solutions that don't work. Choose Dr. Richard and see the results for yourself.

    Profit-Driven Approach Revenue streams and business leadership are important, but they're not the only factors that determine success.


    Dr. Richard takes a profit-driven approach and looks at key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that his clients are on track for success. Whether you're an executive, business owner, investor, or entrepreneur, Dr. Richard's expertise will help you reach your full potential.


    Don't be left behind in the competitive business world. Contact us today and start solving problems and producing results.


    The Cares act allows business owners to obtain over $26K in free grant money for qualified business owners, per employee.


    Often resulting in more productive employees, and staff, improved flow, easier systemization implementation, and improved marketing or communication. Which increases results on average by 30%-500%, in business that he has helped.


    Fortune 500 firms have seen a drastic improvement in employee morale as assessed by surveys and training, which have improved the company's overall employee performance, and leadership.


    Consultants who want to make Six Figures and up to seven figures, providing grant money from the USA federal government to Business owners, can learn more by clicking here!


    As a professor, Dr. Richard Students, have gone on to create six-figure firms, seven-figure firms, landed jobs in Winter Olympics, Prestigious Advertising and Marketing Agency, Launched Breweries, written best-selling books, transitioned from the military, to raised capital, reduce business expenses and more.

    broken image

    Unlock Your True Potential with the Right Coaching

    Light the fire in you, who is super you?

    Are you tired of feeling stuck and unable to reach your business goals? It could be that you're missing key information, connections, or skills. But don't worry, you're not alone. Many business owners face similar challenges, but with the right coaching and guidance, you can overcome them.


    Dr. Richard Encarnacion will help you create a winning strategy that improves partnerships, attracts top talent, and delivers results. Whether you need to build confidence in yourself, make the right connections, or develop a winning plan, Dr. Richard is here to help.


    Don't let the missing pieces hold you back from reaching your full potential. Contact us today and start achieving the success you deserve.

    broken image

    Keynote Speaker

    Inspire with Passion to take action.

    Talks of Passion inspire, provoke and provide insight.


    Dr. Richard has given speeches, at Colleges, Universities, Veteran programs, WWP/VA, Events, and more.


    Dr. Richard, Travels to give keynote speeches in, USA & Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico-Cancun, India and South America contact to book, and ask for quote and approved countries list.

    broken image

    Startup Funding Seed to Established Business

    All purpose funding- Make your dream real.

    Startup and Establish Business Funding.


    Create the next American company (SEED STAGE).

    -Create the next American startup, game

    -Create a film, Make memorable music, etc.


    Min Qualifications for funding.

    • Salary Requirement: $70k Job Yr
    • Employment: 2 years, W2 (min)
    • Minimum: 670 Credit score (min)
    • No new credit file last 2 years
    • USA Only

    Can borrow up to $300k.


    APPLY HERE--> Click Here



    • Minimum Credit 680+
    • $200k Yr (Sales) +
    • 18 months in business
    • Established businesses can borrow, Up to $10 Million Dollars.
    • USA Only

    Commercial Loan APPLY HERE--> ClickHere 


    Startup SEED FUNDING --> Click Here

  • Contact Us Today

    "Discover incredible benefits and results by joining our team! Apply now to work with me."

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    Small Business

    Achieve the business success you seek.

    "Super You"

    PRIVATE Advisory:

    Book Session

    Private Coaching 1 on 1

    Business Consulting

    Business Plan & Market Analysis

    Capital Market Access & Research

    Create a Seven figure Biz

    Veteran Business Coach

    BluePrint (R)

    Financial Pro Forma

    Business Strategy

    Wealth Goal Setting

    Commercial Funding

    Business Development

    Series A or IPO

    Maximize Portfolio Revenue Risk Management

    Zoom Meeting

    Business IKIGAI Focus

    And more


    Click--> Apply

    $24,9997 / Exclusive Club--> acceptance.



    One consult -Phone, Zoom



    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.


    broken image

    Medium Business

    Create a 7-figure and above Business. The Success System-TM. Biz of $10-$50 Mil a year.

    USP Strategy Development

    Value Offer Creation

    The Market Niche

    Increase ROI

    Sales Strategy KPI

    Blue Ocean Operations

    Investor, VC

    Access TAX HEAVEN

    Hedge Funds, etc.

    PPM Startup Funding



    Click to Apply--->

    $99,997/Market Penetration and Strategy.



    In-person meetings are charged per hour at $30,000.


    Full-day cost to lock and Hotel, and expenses.

    broken image

    VIP Enterprise Plan

    Biz of $50-$500 Mil a year or bigger. For teams of 100+ 

    1 on 1: Leadership Coaching

    Build a company People love

    Blue Ocean Strategy

    Blitz Scaling (Grow Quick)

    Portfolio Management


    Asset Based Funding

    USA & International Funding, Stockloans
    SBLC, MT103/202, KTT, L2L, GPI, PPP Trade, SBLC, Offshore banking, AI Security, Asset Protection PLAN, International Finance Banking.



    Consulting for Fortune 500 & Keynote.


    In-person consulting or company training, call for a custom quote.


    Click to Pay-->

    $350k ADMIN-Banking Fee +

    (BANK %)



    A custom price will be issued.


    Based on the size of the organization.

  • What We Do

    Creating Impactful Moments for People, and Businesses!


    Whether working with Series A Startups, HNW, UHNW, or fortune 500 Firms, Dr. Richard Encarnacion is your guy!


    - Invite Dr. Richard Encarnacion to speak at your event?



    -Conference Event?






    To deliver a PASSIONATE KEYNOTE or Strategic Consulting.


    3 Keys, I focus on: (FINANCE, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship).

    Inspire With Passion, Create Impact, and Provide lasting results.


    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.

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    Consulting: with Impact

    Expand your 6-7 Figure business, existing business to its highest potential. Or obtain commercial funding up to 100% funding globally.

    broken image

    Speaking With Passion: KeyNote

    Passionate speeches that light up a crowd, cut the "Noise" in Universities, corporations, institutions, organizations, corporations, and more.

    broken image

    Coaching for change

    Coaching to produce results, not just coaching to speak or to waste people's time, battle field-proven.

  • How It Works

    Keys to  unlocking "Super You"



    You pick a program, or service you need. Send us an email.



    We contact you via, phone, zoom, or email.


    Zoom Meeting $500 per 20 Min.



    You agree to our services, and we send an invoice, And we started in 24-48 hours.

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  • Reach Out


    New York City, NYC
    Mon-Fri; 9am Est- 5pm
  • Take the Next Step Towards Business Success - Contact Us Today!

    Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your business? Don't wait any longer. Our proven method and results-driven solutions will help you reach new heights and achieve the success you deserve. With an average increase of $1 Million to $1 Billion in added value, you can trust that our services will bring tangible results, to your organization.


    Don't waste any more time and money on ineffective solutions. Take the next step and contact us today. Our team is ready to help you reach your goals and achieve business success.


    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.

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    Get in Touch with Dr.RE!

    Contact us today for A 10-minute free consult

    Apply for SEED Funding here ---> Apply for funding--> Click Here


    ZOOM Meeting Are charged at $500 per 20 minutes.